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Preview of Wonderland Cover


eta: i'll just tack these on since it is still pretty early, but these pics from hot magazine popped up, click for the larger versions.

the second 'inside' image isn't really that big so idk, hopefully someone can get it and make a real scan. (source via zanessasweetie)

also i should've included this earlier but i was too sleepy to think of it, from a ny daily news interview with chad kimball, star of memphis:
Q: Talk about reports that Zac Efron and Justin Timberlake want to play your part in a film version of "Memphis."

A: They've both come to the show. Zac came backstage with his girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens, and I actually gave her some Lolly. Justin was very gracious. If they're interested in "Memphis," I think it's great for the show. Maybe I can play The Camera Man to the Left in the movie. There are so many movies that are in process. It's probably a little ways down the road.
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