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#4 on the most important list ever... ONTD's 99 Most Desirable Men + CStC US Wrap Up

I don't know if it was intentional, but the use of desirable on the ontd list instead of sexy was kind of awesome. Cause I mean, yeah Zac is hot... blah blah blah. But I'm not intrigued by just hotness, that alone does not make someone desirable or worth stanning for. I like guys with heart, brains and talent and Zac is that... even if sometimes it gets a little confusing (both for him and for us) with all the noise. And I don't want to put words in the mouth of ontd, but I do think they like him not just for the hotness factor (as much as their comments revolve around drooling, unfing, and a variety of other colorful phrases/macros). They like that he gives a shit, that he's got a good head and he puts his heart into it. So stay your course Zef and someday you'll be #1 on the ONTD desirable list.

This post started out as just some fanpics from the press tour to show that stuff that I think really matters (in life and to fans, etc)... but I realized that I could use the opportunity to also provide some sort of summary of press for the US part of Charlie St. Cloud promotion. So I've linked most of the articles and interviews. I wouldn't be surprised if I missed a couple videos and I definitely didn't post every small article, but I got most of the important things. Many of the links you'll have seen, but a few are new that I've found recently or just never had the opportunity to post.

I also need to thank jeezbee and shrewtee because the last week of July I actually had some really important family stuff to do. I didn't really want to draw attention or concern so they just stepped in and helped me keep on top of everything. Without that, I could never have managed, so TYSVM :)

Dodgers Stadium
July 1

ET Part 1, ET Part 2, MarianeLA, Blacktree

July 12

Fox, CBS, NBC Part 1, NBC Part 2
Q102 Meet and Greet, Q102 Interview, B101, 106.1 Part 1, 106.1 Part 2

July 13

Fox Part 1, Fox Part 2, Atlanta and Co, Gyant Sneak Peek, Gyant Show
Q101 Part 1, Q101 Part 2, Star 94, B98.5
Facebook Q&A Part 1
Facebook Q&A Part 2 (not Atlanta I don't think but idk where so...)

July 15

Fox, CW, NBC, ABC Part 1, ABC Part 2
Mix 96.9, Kiss 104.7 Part 1, Kiss 104.7 Part 2
Facebook Part 3

LA Junket
July 16-18

Press Conference Transcript

Some articles: LA Times, Movieline Part 1, Movieline Part 2 (Superhero), Parade Magazine, Teen Hollywood,
USA Today Part 1, USA Today Part 2

Facebook Q&A Part 5 (really 4)

ABC (LA), ABC Family Part 1, ABC Family Part 2, Access Hollywood
Cinemax Max 60 Seconds
E! (Gets Personal), E! (Dating 101), E! (Zac's Dark Place),
EPK Interview (basically, but via Trailer Addict), ET Site, ET Aired, Extra
iamrogue, iVillage
Kevin's Reel World
Moviefone v. 1, Moviefone v.2, Movieweb, MTV (Not Cheesy), MTV (Staying Relevant), MTV (Fire), MTV (Robot Chicken)
On the Red Carpet, On the Red Carpet (Team Twilight Sux)
Reelz Channel v. 1, Reelz Channel v. 2
Sacramento and Co., Showbiz Sky, Sunrise Channel 7 (Aus)
TV Guide
USA Today

Twin Cities
July 19

Fox, ABC Part 1, ABC Part 2, NBC
Facebook Q&A Part 4 (really 5)
Star Tribune

Mall of America
Dave Ryan ShowYouTube 1, YouTube 2, CStC FB, Star Tribune

July 20

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Backstage

LA Premiere
July 20

ET Part 1, ET Part 2, Access Hollywood, Extra, MTV, ABC, On the Red Carpet, Maximo, TrailerAddict, TA Other Coverage, Other Coverage

St. Louis
July 21

CBS, NBC, Fox v. 1, Fox v. 2, Fox/Kevin's Reel World, CW Part 1, CW Part 2
Y98, CBS Radio, YouTube 1, YouTube 2
Inside the Theater

July 22

CBS, Fox, ABC, WGN Part 1, WGN Part 2, Comcast CN 100
Mix 101.9
Facebook Q&A Part 5
Metromix, Sun Times, Tribune

New York
July 24-27

Regis and Kelly, Outside Regis and Kelly
The Today Show, Outside The Today Show

Jimmy Kimmel Live
July 28

Interview, Outside Jimmy Kimmel

Lopez Tonight
July 29

Part 1, Part 2

Release Date Interviews
July 30

Good Day LA, WJZ CBS, Good Day NY, KWGN CW

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