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Aug 25th
05:07 pm
a few rares/candids + fire info  
jeezbee saw this on bendis' boards:

and found the backstory...
He was at my wife's radio station this morning. Very nice guy - super to my kids. He was very excited to see Fire in my hands and spoke very highly of Bendis and how hard he's worked on getting Fire ready for film. He also mentioned the script would be in in 2 weeks (so you may want to get working on that, Brian )

no word on whether the first draft has actually been finished or not... bendis was pretty busy in those 2 weeks with comic-con, etc. and he was still working on it as of july 26th. i somehow feel like he would twitter about it. but idk :)

random fan in la

outside jimmy kimmel

maui in june

maui with vanessa yesterday

rent party with vanessa

t&c (probably) with vanessa

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Beejeezbee on August 25th, 2010 11:41 pm (UTC)
Let me do his development projects first:

- The workplace comedy is only in a pitch status: won't happen anytime soon
- Art of the Steal: same, plus he's too young for it right now; this project needs to sit a little bit in dev
- Snabba Cash remake: assuming that WB won't let the rights elapse, they are probably starting to work on it or are working on the script but from the initial reports, the time fuse is 2 years and considering the topic and Zac's ability to sell it, I can't see it happening much earlier than that. Ie. I don't think this will go into production before the end of 2011 or spring 2012. Plus, I'm sure they hope to be able to leverage book popularity and the English version still hasn't come out yet.
- The sexy thriller: while the script could possibly be ready, there is no news indicating that his is moving forward soon and with no studio and the current indy/distribution situation, I doubt that this will will see a green light anytime soon.
- Die in a Gunfight: you've already mentioned this but just for completeness sake... the script needs a full rewrite before it can go into production and it needs a studio and director first too, so it won't happen soon. Plus, even after a good rewrite, this is not a project with low risk for a studio and right now, studios do everything to avoid risks, so timing is difficult for this type of project on top of it.
- Fire: technically, I think this could go into production within a reasonable time frame, esp with Bendis coming seemingly close to a first script draft. BUT a) we don't know if that draft is "good enough" - it might need a full rewrite... nobody knows. And more importantly, I have a hard time believing that Universal would put it into production right now. They have a shit load of problems and idk if they would green light an action thriller like Fire in their current status, esp with a star who is unproven with the target audience. So, I don't see this happening next.
- Einstein Theory: This is the big unknown but imo also the one which I see most likely going into production soon. For one, just based on the minuscule info we have, this seems to be a lighter tone (due to the comparison with BTTF) and a scifi/adventure type movie which is certainly something Zac could sell more easily than a full-blown fanboy type movie. Plus, the writers have been working on the script for a while (Stoller said this in June). So, if they can hand in a draft everyone likes, this could move into production the easiest imo. Of course, if the WB and the producers don't like the script, this can also take forever... but the chances are there.

In short, out of the ones he has in development right now, I see the best chances for Einstein Theory to happen in a reasonable timeframe.

However, I should add that one other possibility with his production deal is that he could pick up a finished spec script, attach a director and put that into production quickly. Something like that could happen faster imo than many of his existing projects. Eg. he could get his hands on a great comedy or adventure script tomorrow and if he finds a studio for it, it could happen within a couple months.

Edited at 2010-08-25 11:52 pm (UTC)