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As if I didn't hate Fox News enough, they slander my Zeffy.

Does this look like face of someone deeply unhappy:

And just a quick word of warning to anyone planning to snap a pic of Vanessa’s beau Zac Efron — don't get caught.

Efron recently attended Ashley Tisdale's 23rd birthday bash at Malibu's DKNY Beach House, accompanied by Hudgens. We're told the Tinseltown twosome was pursued by the paparazzi as they drove out to the hotspot, and a brawl broke out between the house's security guards and the pap-snappers who tried to jump the fence and follow the lovers inside.

Already somewhat flustered, Efron reportedly refused to socialize and was upset that there were too many people in attendance. His bad mood escalated when he spotted one an attendee taking random photographs of the party, and he automatically assumed the pictures were of him.

According to an eyewitness, a fuming Zac literally jumped across the pool and stormed over to confront the snapper, screaming “Do you wanna picture of me? Do you?”

After making a scene, we’re told the Disney divo was quick to apologize and confess his embarrassment after having learned that the random snapper was actually one of the publicists running the beach house. Oops! Efron then decided to retreat inside with a K Styler styling iron and spend a good chunk of the soiree straightening his hair in front of the mirror alongside BFFs Hudgens and Tisdale.

Sorry but this just doesn't really sound like Zac, like, at all. I think they took two pieces of rumor about this, stuck them together, and blew them as out of proportion as they could without getting sued for defamation/libel.

I'd say shame on you Fox News but, since they don't care about good reporting on more important things like war and economics, I don't think they'd give a damn about this.

Source, pic from People mag orig.
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