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Next Great American Actor?

Phillip Noyce, director of Salt as well as numerous other films, had this to say:

It is interesting that media wants to make a big deal about Rob stealing Zac's thunder or him competing with Shia or Taylor or whomever.

But really, as I said on twitter one day in response to all that noise, the only person who can fuck up Zac Efron's career is Zac Efron.

He is talented enough (with the right mixture of charisma and looks of course) that really the only serious limitations come from himself. It is his life, so it is his choices... personal and professional, well thought out or not... that will determine his path, how far he goes and who he becomes. Yeah there are all these external pressures and criticisms and narrow-minded naysayers, but he can overcome all that as long as he stays his course long enough that more people like Noyce see in him what we have for some time now... that he's an awesome dude, just as he is.

I don't really know the point of all this. And this isn't meant to devolve into a debate over his choices or trusting him or anything. It just felt right to say it... you know?
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