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Random: ET Details BTS, Zac's SU2C, Francos on Zef, TLO casting, CStC Int'l Sch.

Zac Narrated SU2C Spot

Some Esquire video of James and Dave Franco talking about Zac
Zac stuff is in the first part

There have also been several twitters/facebook posts about young boys auditioning for the role of Ben in The Lucky One. Some are in LA, some seem to be elsewhere and it is possible that some were even testing with Zac that day he was at the hotel.

The kids seem to be in the age 10 range but it is unclear if that means Ben is going to be 10 or if the kids are 10 but look and will play younger. That will be an interesting part of this whole adaptation since Zac is about six years too young for Logan. So do they make the kid six or seven instead of ten? That way the mom character can also be closer to Zac's age?

As to girls for Beth, it is a tricky role to cast, especially not knowing her age now. A big name in the role would be really awesome but to be honest, I don't know what name they could get for this. I think a lot female actors that would be interesting opposite him would never take this project.

My choice I guess would be Mary Elizabeth Winstead... she isn't huge, huge yet and hasn't done anything quite like this so she might down for it for some diversity.

Also I have cleaned up the old schedule page and made a new International promo page for the next few months, you can find it here, also it will be linked on the sidebar. We'll have to see how it works out around the filming for The Lucky One which is slated for October in Louisiana.

Zac will have something in VF Italy but idk what:

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