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CStC International Schedule and Contests

Promo Schedule

Sept 11-12th Deauville Film Festival
9:00am Press Screening
2:15pm Press Conference and Photocall then Red Carpet
3:30pm Screening
3:00pm Screening
Sept 13th Spain Premiere, Madrid - El Cine Capital ~8pm (source)
Sept 14th German Premiere, Munich - Mathäser Filmpalast 5:30-7pm (more info)
Sept 15th UK Premiere, Manchester
Sept 16th UK Premiere, London - Empire Leicester Square ~5:15pm (source)
Sept 19th Australian Premiere, Sydney - Event Cinemas Parramatta 3:30pm (more info)

Wonderland Magazine, on newsstands Sept 10th


Event Cinemas premiere contest (Australia/New Zealand)
Who Magazine (Australia)
Today Show (Australia)

Sugarscape (UK - London)
Capital FM (UK - London)
Look Magazine (UK - London)
Key103 (UK - Manchester)

International Release Schedule
from, ty jeezbee who keeps that up-to-date
updated August 14th

July 30 United States, Canada
Aug 26 Croatia
Aug 27 Lithuania
Sept 2 Hungary
Sep 17 South Africa
Sept 23 Australia, New Zealand
Sept 24 Brazil, Turkey, Estonia, Latvia
Sept 30 Malaysia, Singapore
Oct 1 Spain
Oct 7 Argentina, Germany, Portugal, Switzerland (German-speaking)
Oct 8 United Kingdom, Ireland, Austria, Taiwan
Oct 21 Russia, Netherlands
Oct 22 Taiwan
Oct 28 Hong Kong
Oct 29 Poland, Romania
Nov 4 Czech Republic
Nov 10 France, Switzerland (French-speaking)
Dec 2 Denmark
Dec 3 Finland, Norway, Sweden
Jan 14 Italy, Switzerland (Italian-speaking)
Jan 20 Chile
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