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Zac is going to the Deauville Film Festival in September

From via google translation:

The Deauville Festival 2010 will be entitled to the presence of Zac Efron for Charlie St. Cloud.

If Emmanuelle Beart will be the chair of the 36th American Film Festival of Deauville 3 to 12 September 2010 (guess where) and is likely to be surrounded by beautiful people, here is a participant who could round up photographers.

Indeed, Zac Efron, star of High School Musical and also 17 Again, will present a preview of his new film, Charlie St. Cloud, a romantic drama on the edge of fantasy. The French release is scheduled for November 10, 2010... In short, another reason to go to Normandy in September.

Kind of weird. Not only timing wise but I thought they hated him last year for MAOW (eta: ok i mean, idk if everyone hated him but yk it seemed not so well-received) :/ but whatevs, hopefully it will be a nice vacation at its worst.
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