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At RENT last night & CStC Box Office 2nd Weekend

there are 2 more at the source but they basically look the same.

ppl said his family was there too but idk for sure. hers definitely was, including her sassy grandma. i love sassy grandmas, world needs more of them. just sayin'.

In sadder news, Charlie St. Cloud had a pretty hard Friday to Friday drop of almost 70% to $1.7 mil :( and Nikki Finke predicts it will only come in at $4.9 for the weekend.

Friday $1.7M (-69%), Estimated Weekend $4.9M, Estimated Cume $23.8M

Ouch! What a drop! Universal tried to spin last weekend's mediocre opening last weekend, but the studio can't deny now that Zac Efron's High School Musical fanbase faded away. Pick better material, kiddo.

Unfortunately I think she may be overestimating that number.

If we evaluate CStC based on Remember Me's day-to-day changes within its second weekend (I'll call it intra-weekend), it follows that CStC will play like: 1.7+1.7+1 = 4.4.

If it follows RM's day-against-day 1st weekend vs. 2nd weekend (I'll call it inter-weekend), it will play like: 1.7+1.7+1.3 = 4.7.

All that said, on the first weekend the internal multiplier of CStC's intra-weekend was quite different than Remember Me's so I'm not sure how parallel the two will be on their second weekend.

If we ignore the inter or intra weekend comparisons and just look at the overall weekend to weekend, if CStC can hold it's overall weekend drop to 60% like RM did, it will come in at $4.9. That's probably what Nikki is going off of.

But I'm not optimistic given how non-energetic the response to this film has been tbh.

Hopefully, even if some of this seems confusing you get the general gist. :/
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