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Aug 7th
01:00 pm
Deja Vu  

Zac, wearing a familiar looking shirt, heads for departures at Burbank Airport with (apparently) his brother and friends, according to the source. TBH, I do not see Dylan or any recognizable friends in these pictures, although that might be Rob Pinkston in the black hoodie... not sure.

I should mention, I admire him for not wearing something once and discarding it like most celebrities do for two reasons, one it is 'normal' person behavior and two it isn't wasteful.

ETA: Where is he going? A good question. A lot of people hypothesize Georgia to see V (the location of her concert tonight). Coincidentally, Georgia is also Rob's home state. But as far as I can tell, there were no flights to Georgia from Burbank today. But he may have flown Disney again ;) so who knows. He could be going to Texas to do some looping for MAOW or somewhere else just to have fun. Wherever, safe journeys, Z. And may your phone number never get leaked on ONTD.

Mood: bouncybouncy