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Lopez Tonight, Fire Talk

When it was announced earlier this year that "High School Musical" actor Zac Efron had signed on to star in the film adaptation of Brian Michael Bendis' "Fire," it's fair to say that more than a few eyebrows were raised. Call us pleasantly surprised, however, when we learned that Efron is not only a big Bendis fan, but that he has a solid grasp on the character and can't wait to start production on the film.

"Brian Bendis is writing a script right now," Efron told MTV News of the "Fire" production status, while promoting his latest film, "Charlie St. Cloud." "I don’t know when we are getting a draft exactly. But I know that he’s having a blast and Brian is one of my favorite writers. I'm really looking forward to that, we’ll see what happens."

Efron went on to say that what he's most excited about in tackling the character Ben — a college student recruited by the CIA who later discovers he's been marked for termination by his employers — is the opportunity to step outside himself, along with his repertoire of boy-next-door roles.

"You know the character, he’s not afraid," Efron said. "You know me in life I have a lot of rules. There is a lot of stuff I can’t do because I would never want to take those risks so to speak."

"As much as I’m a thrill-seeker, I don’t really get into fights," he explained. "I’m not a renegade kind of guy. And that’s what this character is."

Efron added that he plans to take full advantage of his character's edgy existence.

"I’m definitely going to live vicariously through this character," he said. "And experience things I can’t do in real life."

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