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Jul 29th
07:14 am
Jimmy Kimmel last night  

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Beejeezbee on July 30th, 2010 04:00 pm (UTC)
To add to what EHS said, we're not even talking about him visiting a strip club, owning up to it or what he is in real life. That's completely irrelevant to what we're saying.

To give you a different example: Miley is now getting all kinds of shit because he's sexing it up and whatever she is/might be doing with her boyfriend. Zac (and his other High School Musical co-stars) don't get any press for having sex. Why? Because they never claimed in the first place to stay pure and wait for marriage. Same thing. Only that Zac goes on about not going clubbing, not screwing up, learning from other teen stars' mistakes and keeping things private. Which is exactly what he's contradicting himself with now. Consciously. Because there is no fucking way that he could have thought that his visit stays private. He KNEW this would hit the media days before his movie came out and did it anyway. That's just fucking stupid (unless he planned it as a diversion tactic). And hypocritical.

And nobody, or at least I, wouldn't have said anything if that was a singular occurrence. It's the fact that he has during this promo cycle increasingly upped up the bullshit and hypocrisy levels on multiple occasions. And while we all get that selling a movie is a media game and not everything he said is to be taken literal, he is starting to take it too far in my opinion. To far because he does it in places which are completely unnecessary. He's maneuvering him into corners he doesn't need to be in.

I give you another example which pisses me off royally. One of the recent MTV interviews where he talks about staying relevant. The gist of it is that he wants to make movies which are relevant to his fanbase and wants to make movies for them and not him. But that's not what he's doing. The majority of the projects he's developing (that horrible decision about The Lucky One nonewithstanding) are the exact opposite of what he's saying because hardly anyone from his current fanbase will be interested in most of those projects. They are targeting a completely different demo.

In a slight variation of this - do you remember the interview(s) where he goes on about not holding a gun until he deserves it or not doing a superhero movie? Well, the majority of movies he's developing have him involved with guns, violence and drugs. And I'd put my money on the fact that he will jump on any project involving a gun tomorrow if a director takes a chance with him and he feels he can halfway pull it off.

Does that mean I think he shouldn't do these projects? Hell no, I want him to. We're saying he shouldn't go on yapping about being the noble guy if he doesn't really mean it (imo). It's perfectly ok in his position to want to do more edgy roles. That's why I'm annoyed about him talking up all this BS about making movies for his (teen girl) fanbase. Obviously he shouldn't piss them off but it's just idiotic to go on and on about it when it's already visible that he's doing mostly a different type of movies.

He's saying A and doing B.

That's what this is about. And while I have 1000% understanding that this is sometimes necessary during promo (or with forming a public image in general), what annoys me is that the cases we're talking about are unnecessary. If he wants to hit the clubs every once in a while, more power to him. Just don't go on in interviews about being the better guy who doesn't do it. And those hypocrisies might look minor to you (and you're completely entitled to not bothered with it), I think it's the path he started taking with them, I'm a bit concerned about.

Edited at 2010-07-30 04:12 pm (UTC)