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Jul 29th
07:14 am
Jimmy Kimmel last night  

Mood: busybusy
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butterflybee260: pic#102593878butterflybee260 on July 30th, 2010 05:26 am (UTC)

I don't think he's said he's smarter than his peer or that he's ever said absolutely that he doesn't drink or party, he just says he usually does it in private. But does 1 time of it happening in public really deserve all of this hullabaloo? If it was a pattern then I could understand worrying and being irritated but not when its one time. And I do think that the fact that he doesn't do it often does give him some slack as far as how people perceive him. Its a little glimpse into the real Zac and I'm sure he did it to heighten interest.

And you know, it might not have been his idea at all. Its not really something I see him coming up with, though he certainly went along with it, so maybe the blame should go more to his team, not him.