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Jul 29th
07:14 am
Jimmy Kimmel last night  

Mood: busybusy
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Beejeezbee on July 29th, 2010 02:51 pm (UTC)
I don't have much to say because as usual I agree mostly with you and Shrewtee.

my problem though still is i think universal is stupid if they are trying to push this strip club thing to define his masculinity when they've been establishing the religious/mom blog assets so heavily. though universal isn't really that smart so idk.

I think one of the idea behind it might have been just plain exposure in publications/places which normally don't cover him/the movie. As you know from the tracking data yourself, awareness is lacking - which is no surprise since Uni has done zero marketing leading up to the movie and only started pushing like 4 weeks ago. Which is just too late.

With this stupid story, he'll get coverage at many places and attention from people who normally wouldn't. It feels like an desperate attempt of "there is no bad publicity" but like you said, I'm not sure it's helping the movie. And his Jimmy Kimmel appearance while very charming was also downright smarmy.

I think I'm not quite annoyed to the same degree about his hypocrisy (which is clearly there and rising) as you but I see myself sighing and rolling my eyes more and more too.

I could have taken his saying this (to sell this movie) and then doing other stuff (like what he has in dev) ok if he hadn't signed up for the Sparks thing. That really completely disappointed me and makes me question his transition strategy. Because doing that after CStC is so outright stupid, I can't believe he doesn't see it. Signing up for that like a minute after he said to a reporter "I'm searching and waiting. The opportunities will come," he says. "I'm not in any rush." just boggles my mind. Because if he really thinks this is the right opportunity, then I have little hope for him developing a career anywhere near the one he says he wants. And I'm just sad about that.

In short, I think we basically agree (no surprise here), even though we might be in different stages about the various details.