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Aug 4th
08:14 am
So Zac didn't win choice hottie... but I'm not too surprised since he was up against JoBros who have the luxury of being three-for-the-price-of-one. Oh, yeah and since the voting doesn't really count, it makes more sense for the producers to choose the JoBros since their album comes out in a week.

Even so, Zac is still our choice hottie and the pictures from last night are smokin'.

And can I just say he looks a lot happier this year than last. Who knows why, but I'm glad he's happier. (Maybe it's because he knows he doesn't have to get up on stage to accept an award and contend with the screaming fans).

More pics here.

The awards will be aired tonight on Fox. Zac does present the award for Choice Summer Comedy, so tune in.

Source: JJ, zefron
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