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Other projects discussed: Robot Chicken and Snabba Cash

In amongst all the Charlie news a couple things have popped up about other projects, one about Robot Chicken and the other a Swedish article, graciously translated (ty so much!) by Sara from :D

MTV talks Robot Chicken

Zac Efron: I love "Snabba Cash"

Everyone talks about "Snabba Cash" in Hollywood. That there should be an American version is obvious. But so far 'U.S. Joel Kinnaman' has been quiet.

Until now.

"I absolutely love the film," Zac Efron tells Expressen.

The world's most sought after 22 years old guy, who is currently starring in the movie "Charlie St. Cloud", which will be released in Sweden December 3rd.

It's a lovestory about a man, who lost his brother in a car accident, and continues to have contact with him in a supernatural way.

When Expressen talked to Zac at a hotel in Marina Del Ray, outside Los Angeles, he was in a very good mood. He is one of Hollywood's hottest names and both fans and paparazzis are behind him all the time.

"I had dinner in a restaurant yesterday. It's about not using the main- or back entrances. On the other hand the side entrance usually works," Zac laughs and continues.

"The other day I got to climb out of the balcony of the hotel room and slide down the drainpipe."

It's hard to beat the original

The star's next project is the Swedish "Snabba Cash", in which he will play the main character and also produce.

"I absolutely love the movie. It's fantastic," says Efron enthusiastically and he also praises the Swedish cast.

"I think it will be hard to beat the original!"

Zac pronounced the title in Swedish and tells us that they are working on the script right now. The script is expected to be finished in a few weeks.

"After that remains a million different steps, but that is where we are now".

You usually do comedies, this will be a whole new part for you. How does it feel?

"Once again it's a story which has several good messages. It isn't action for the sake of the action. It's exquisite drama that has several good stories that are woven together. It isn't just one main character, but three parallel paths and that is fascinating."

Where should it take place?

"Right now we are rewriting the script, so if I say something it might change."

swedish source, ty again to sara :)
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