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Stop 4: Twin Cities, Part A

Fox 9 Buzz Interview

Twitter pics of Zac

At Fox, from BillDallman:

At the NBC studio, from JoeFryer:

From the Kare11 site:

At the Dave Ryan Show, from ashleydeekeen:

Twitter pics of the crowd at the mall!

From brialy:

From mallofamerica:

From babytoaster:

From bieberislife_jb:

From ashleydeekeen:

I had recorded most of the radio interview this morning but there was some power thing thing that messed up my router and I missed the last bit, so I'm waiting for the site to post the whole thing before I upload that.

Also, I've seen on Facebook and on Twitter several references to Zac doing press in Chicago with Comcast, WGN and Metromix. It sounds from those like he will be there on Thursday and Friday. This still doesn't explain why other interviews and the baseball game there were cancelled. Though perhaps he has to leave early on Friday? IDK IDK!
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