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ESPYs Fav Pics/Videos

Umm, literally there are only a few of these red carpet shots I even half like... so I did my best, lol sry Z. The inside shots are a lot better though, I had posted most of them before, but I did a few of my favs again.


Press Area


Access Hollywood Red Carpet

E! Red Carpet

Papz Video from afterwards I guess

Efron Is Beer Pong Champion On Espy Red Carpet

Zac Efron was a hit on the red carpet at the Espy Awards on Wednesday - after triumphing against a reporter in a game of beer pong.

The High School Musical star was at the annual athletics prizegiving in Los Angeles to present a trophy - and he showed off his own sportsmanship with a round of the popular drinking game.

Efron thrilled onlookers by launching ping-pong balls across a tray and was named the winner after successfully landing them in cups of beer.


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