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Stop 2: Atlanta, Part B

Atlanta and Co Show

Atlanta and Co Pics from FB

Gyant Unplugged Interview Pic and Interview Preview

Zac and I discussed growing up and taking more dramatic roles, his love of hip-hop music [currently Enimem's "Recovery" is on heavy rotation on his iPod], being a public figure, and more.

His show airs next Monday on Comcast OnDemand Get Local.


Dan Perez Baseball Camp Event
at Murphey Candler Baseball Park

From AP:
Zac Efron got some fastball pointers from an Atlanta Braves pitching coach while pitching his baseball-themed movie Charlie St. Cloud in this city.

The teen heartthrob stopped by a youth baseball camp in Atlanta while promoting his new film Tuesday.

A smiling Efron sporting sunglasses and a leather glove played catch with young all-stars. He worked the crowd, signed autographs and also gleaned some tips about the sport from Braves pitching coach Roger McDowell.

To start, if you want to watch video of Zac walking for a few seconds, click here, lol.


From Faded Youth:

From Access Atlanta:

From FB:

From Atlanta Comcast On Demand FB:

From Gyant Unplugged Twitter:

More fanpics/etc

From JennHobby:

From JoannaElisa:

From TheBertShowBert:

From xokristenmariee

IDK what this is exactly for but from utahgimmetwo


Also per twitter, it sounds like Zac will be in Phoenix on Thursday (not Toronto).
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