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Jul 13th
01:24 am
Not Pats or Genos  

Whiz kid

Drawing mobs wherever he went, actor Zac Efron did a Philly media whistlestop Monday to plug his flick Charlie St. Cloud, which opens July 30. On South Street, he sampled steaks from Jim's. Asked to compare a steak with provolone and onions to one with Cheez Whiz and onions, Efron said he preferred the Whiz.

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The Writers Denmusewriter on July 13th, 2010 08:14 am (UTC)
It is one of my goals in life to make it to Philly and try an authentic cheesesteak. But WTF is Jim's, I've only ever heard that the two you're supposed to go to are Pat's and Gino's.