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Random News - TCAs Choice Summer Actor, Glamour UK Sexiest Men, Schedule

Zac was nominated for Choice Summer Movie Star Male at the 2010 Teen Choice Awards!

His competition: twiboys, Adam Sandler in Grown-Ups and Jaden Smith in Karate Kid.

You can vote for him in all three of his categories at

Zac on the list/poll for Glamour UK's 50 Sexiest Men. Vote here. (Please don't let JB win a sexiest man award. That's just wrong.)

Chicago out, Toronto in?

The Cubs first pitch thing has been cancelled so in combination with the AV Club interview being cancelled, I'm guessing Chicago is out as a junket stop.

Someone twittered that supposedly Zac is going to be in Toronto on Thursday. Unclear if true. That makes a rather a tight schedule since he is supposedly in LA Wednesday and Friday. I wonder if maybe they mean next Thursday? IDK. Wait and see.

And TY to Marie who noticed that Zac is mentioned for two upcoming episodes of Entertainment Tonight:

July 13th - "We Play Ball with Zac Efron"
July 15th - "Zac Efron & Will Ferrell" (and ESPYs)

I'm waiting for the other Philadelphia interviews to get posted. And then I'll do a third post with more pics and twitters and stuff.
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