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Schedule update

I forgot to mention it earlier but I added the schedule info posted: The Today Show and Live with Regis and Kelly will happen July 27 and he'll appear on Lopez Tonight July 29th. I also added a slew of early screenings.

Jeezbee noticed CBS3 Philadelphia anchor Ukee Washington mentioned on FB that he will be talking to Zac during the Monday morning broadcast. I believe that will be available on a livestream, fwiw. :D

Kerry happened to see an ad on USA for the cable premiere of Hairspray on Saturday, July 24th. Maybe they will air some Charlie St. Cloud stuff with that :)

While he is in Philadelphia, I hope Zac has time to recreate what I'm guessing is one of his favorite movie scenes...

IDK that he'll get a chance but it is from one of his fav movies and the theme has been (or was idk) his ringtone for a long time, so hopefully if he wants to he can, lol.

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