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Pics, Schedule, Chicago? Leno!!????!!!?!111, and finally Ben Sherwood :)

Everybody has been wondering about Bradley's icon which is from this pic:

That's the best we've got of it cause it is from some weird fan photo collage on fb, though maybe it's really a Universal person messing with our heads (haven't they already done that enough?). This was also in the collage fwiw:


OK, this one is the least confirmed thing. PopSugar posted that Zac is throwing out the first pitch at a baseball game... a Cubs game. Of all things. So he might be going to Chicago too (lol your earlier discussion guys).

However, an editor for AV Club and NPR, who is apparently based in Chicago, posted to twitter that his one-on-one with Zac was cancelled so idk if that means Chicago is off or what happened?

The Cubs are at home July 15th through the 25th. Someone on twitter mentioned it was the 23rd but idk where they got it from and I didn't try that hard to find it... I figure someday maybe Universal will post about these things fans might like to know about on their Facebook. That way if it is televised maybe, you know, fans could, like, watch.

I suppose he could be throwing it at the Cubs at Dodgers game this weekend (which is nationally televised on ESPN) but that seems early? IDK, tbh everything is oddly placed date-wise (ie the premiere, see below) so who knows.

Also a number of early screenings are popping up: Tampa, Toronto, Sacramento, Dallas, Philadelphia, Chicago, Las Vegas

Contest for tickets to an early screening in Tampa, FL: (scroll down)
Contest for tickets to an early screening at AMC Yonge & Dundas in Toronto, ON: Liberty Group
Contest for tickets to an early screening in Sacramento, CA: buzzboSF twitter

And on ONTD, sapphire908 mentioned there is a screening in Dallas at the Angelika on Wednesday: "It starts at 7:30 but if you come at 6pm with college/highschool id you can get in for free." Though I also found there is a contest page here by Edge for Dallas so you may want to call the theater for details on the student=free thing :)

Edge also has pages set up for an early screening contests for Philadelphia, Chicago, and Las Vegas. I'm not that familiar with Edge (though I recall them from MAOW or 17 Again I think), but just throwing it all out there.

There was a different contest somewhere else for Salt Lake City, but I could not get the details to load past the Google search so that early screening (which was for July 27th) may be full already, idk. I'll keep watching though.

FWIW, related to the other Atlanta Meet and Greet Contest (which posted details on their facebook), the local Comcast OnDemand facebook posted details on their facebook too. I think you have to become fans of both and comment with them in your status to be entered to win.

In what constitutes another WTF from me, Zac is apparently scheduled for the Leno show on July 20th.

... July 20th

IDGI... putting him on their primary late night talk show ten days before the release.

On their own network, they don't even seem to give him and Charlie St. Cloud some help!

Not only that but wtf else does Leno have to show? Is Steve Carell going to come back three weeks after Despicable Me appearance for another shot for Dinner for Schmucks? TBH I can only guess (hope?) that Leno is on vacation but idek anymore.

The other wtf part of this Leno thing? That's the same day as the premiere. And as some of you know, Leno usually films around the same time as red carpets usually start. And Leno is on the Universal lot while the premiere is in Westwood (I believe at the Mann Village Theater). I suppose that isn't too far a distance if traffic isn't shit... but like 5-6pm on a weekday?

I'm sorry for the rant... I want to stay optimistic and believe the Universal is doing their best but wtf guys?

ETA: it sounds like they will be filming early that day at 2:30pm so at least now there is some breathing room on that side of things. I STILL don't get the July 20th. I guess we'll find that out someday (or never).

In other (thankfully more delightful) news, there is a new thing on - a (long) note from the original author Ben Sherwood. As encouragement for you to sign up, I am just posting a bit:

In candor, I never imagined Zac Efron in the role of Charlie. Wrecked by loss and grief, Charlie was a character who had wasted many years of his precious life. I always imagined Charlie as older and sadder. Thank goodness I’m not a movie producer. I salute Universal Pictures and the producers for realizing that Efron was a perfect choice. Young, dynamic, and charismatic, he embodies the promise of Charlie St. Cloud without the burden and loss. With Efron’s vibrant presence and performance, a sometimes weighty story feels more hopeful and uplifting. As I told Efron when we met in the cemetery in Vancouver, I’m delighted and very thankful that he took the part and filled it with vitality.

Ultimately, life is the theme that animates this book. How do we overcome grief and loss and make the most of our time on earth?

We'll post a bit more (I think, lol) on the fansite blog. And idk, after awhile we'll post the whole thing for anyone who is too lazy to sign up, lol.
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