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Zac's E.W. Must List, Contest and Schedule Info

TY glamour_addict for scanning this Entertainment Weekly blurb :)

There is a new contest at "The top 10 fans with the most Charlie Points by Monday, July 12th at 9 pm PST will win a special Charlie St. Cloud Prize. And the top fan will earn a $50 iTunes gift card!" See the info here.

They also announced the winners of the screening contest. The grand prize winner of the screening Zac will attend is Emily J. of St. Louis, MO. Other advanced screening winners are listed here.

There is a new early screening ticket contest for the Washington DC area, info here.

It sounds like Zac will be doing media in LA on Friday per twitterer Natinterviews. Also per twitter, while in Philadelphia Zac will be appearing on the NBC local program The 10! Show.

ETA: LA Premiere will be July 20th
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