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Pic from whatever junket thing they were doing today

From marianelatv, click for full size:

"At Dodger Stadium with Zac Efron and Charlie Tahan. They were so sweet! Make sure to check out CHARLIE ST CLOUD!"

Some twitters from the past couple of days about the junket and about upcoming press events:

Last in that twitter list is a reference to Zac being a guest on Jimmy Kimmel on July 28. This weekend I am planning on making a schedule/contest page which I will 'sticky' on the drop down menu for y'all.

Speaking of contests, I forgot to mention it earlier but there is a new sweepstakes running on Facebook, "I <3 My Sibling". Enter and you can win a trip to Universal Orlando!

P.S. Apparently MAOW is possibly coming out on Aug. 17 (via FF).
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