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This could be bs (or not), idk. BUT I LIKE LIONS!

... as long as they don't eat me :D

From the Daily Mail (hence my hesitance, lol):
Lion’s rip-roaring tale wins £25m film deal

It began with a scratchy homemade film shot in the African bush almost 40 years ago.

The footage of two young men being ­reunited with the lion they raised in a Chelsea flat has since become a YouTube phenomenon, with more than 100 ­million hits worldwide.

And now the remarkable story of a lion called Christian, who was bought as a cub from Harrods, is to get the Hollywood treatment.

Former society PR man John Rendall has sold the rights to the book he and Ace Bourke wrote about Christian to Columbia Pictures, which has pledged a £25million budget.

Pin-up Zac Efron is being mooted to play the role of the handsome Rendall and Geoffrey Rush is being tipped as gnarled conservationist George Adamson, who later introduced the lion into the wild.

At a party to celebrate the deal — which includes a £35,000 ­donation to the George Adamson Wildlife ­Preservation Trust — at ­Julie’s restaurant in ­Holland Park, Rendall was joined by his musician daughter Tallulah.

John tells me: ‘Large parts of Chelsea are unchanged, so they will be filming in World’s End. The film completes the story for me, but it would be wonderful if Tallulah was signed up to do the music.’

Of course the script would have to be good/interesting/etc., but, NEGL, if there is baby lion involved in this film (and I think there is just judging by the wiki page for the lion) I am 100% down with Zac being involved :D

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