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Zac at the Dodgers/Yankees game

From DuranLA:

And why yes, I did get into a twitter skirmish with that ESPN writer.

I hate false information... hate it, hate it, hate it. Like more than most things in the world.

Especially when it is given by people who have been entrusted as journalists to be as accurate and honest as possible. Whatever happened to a) being smart and observant while b) having journalistic integrity?

I mean obviously ESPN is no Wall Street Journal or NY Times, but even they have their problems nowadays.

And like, no offense to her, but she must have been effing blind to think he's 5'5. Like come on. Arguing between 5'7 through 5'9 is more understandable, our physical perspective is hard to overcome as we judge someone else's height.

But knowing that some of you have met him (at least 7 of you that I can think of) and, better yet, have been pictured with him and he is clearly taller than you (even taking into account for shoe heels, etc) and most of you agree he is 5'8-9, like idk, I trust you (and the pictures) more than I trust mass media anymore, especially twats who twitter to get attention and build their relevance.

But, on its own (as opposed to a matter of recorded fact) does height even matter? To quote Matt on twitter: "Height does not a man make! I'd rather have a 5'3" man that is a decent human being, than a 6'6" asshole showing off his machismo."

And I totally agree.

Zac's a cool, kind dude. Whatever height, lol. And even however hot.

I pity anyone who can't see past their assessments of how tall he is (or isn't) or even how hot he is to see that... his heart... the best part of him.

/rant, sorry the cheese came out at the end, lol...
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