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Will Zac be doing another guest spot on Entourage?

From Access Hollywood:

As in years past, this season boasts an impressive lineup of celebrity guest stars. In addition to [Graeme] McDowell [2010 U.S. Open Champion], other notable names including Jessica Simpson, Zac Efron and Mike Tyson will also make cameos with Vincent Chase and the boys.

Now at first I was like... are they mixing it up with last year?

But as far as I can tell, Jessica Simpson and Mike Tyson are indeed upcoming new guest stars. So they aren't just pulling names off an old list. So maybe he is? I don't know.

But tbh I feel so deprived right now of legit news (cause no, I cannot subsist on shirtless pics alone, lol). Thus I am posting this just to get all our hopes up.

Also just an official-type note... if you want me to friend you back and I don't know you at all, lol... please comment after you friend me with a 'hi :) please friend me' so I know what you want and I don't neglect you, lol.

Tags: entourage, may or may not, rumor
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