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Jun 11th
02:19 pm
OMG the two funniest videos of the MTV MAs  
fabrice fabrice on the red carpet (~:37 and then later at ~1:26)

george lopez's correspondents for lopez tonight:

also an updated upload :)

the full version of the access hollywood interview:

why, oh why didn't vanessa fix the results?

and there is just a bit of footage of zac in this hollywire video, but the stuff tom felton says includes zac and is lolz.
Mood: busybusy
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snowwhiteangsnowwhiteang on June 14th, 2010 07:17 am (UTC)
I love that Access Hollywood interviewer- she's never afraid to unearth those Zanessa moments lol ;) So cute- his lucky charm!
And the others were random/funny. He always looks so bewildered lol!