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Screening Feedback

So as we know yesterday there were test screenings for Charlie St. Cloud and there have been several twitters/fb messages about it. There was actually also a screening last week and I capped some of the results from that for you too.


The first post was a guy there with his gf and I think he was apprehensive before, so that's a good sign.

The second actually brings up an good point. A lot of people comment on how sad it looks and it would suck if that ends up limiting its appeal too much. So I guess I think it is important that marketing strikes the right balance between tear-jerker and hope (but ofc, without getting too saccharine). I think that's why I like the 'Beyond' promo spot most.

Last week:

^for the record, based on his profile this is a guy that seems to be out of cstc's demo, lol

FWIW these people's Facebook walls are public, but I blur their names, etc cause I guess I feel like FB seems more private? Plus it is usually real names on FB so I am somewhat uncomfortable posting them in public unblurred.

Also there is a new contest by website to attend an early screening (Tues. July 27th) of Charlie St. Cloud in one of the following cities: Nashville, Charlotte, or Raleigh. For details on how to enter check out the contest page here.

I have a feeling there will be more contests for screenings on that date in other cities popping up soon.

FYI: For spoiler discussion, please copy/paste/use the following code:

<div style="background-color:#000000;">your spoilery text goes here</div>
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