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MTV Movie Awards 2010 - Video Post

Sorry this is so late. I've been busy/distracted/hot all day! LOL. Still sorting through HQs for y'all. There were some lovely shots.

MTV: Red Carpet with Christian Siriano:

MTV: Coke Insider Red Carpet

Insider Red Carpet, wherein Zac claims to be prepared for anything. Little did he know about Kiss Cam (LOL)...

Access Hollywood Red Carpet (~ -1:15ish)

Getty Red Carpet:

J-14, end of Red Carpet:

Best Kiss/Kiss Cam:

Zac Presenting:

Today or tomorrow I will try to make a video of all the random shots of Zac, but idk if it will get banned on YT, so we'll see.
Tags: awards show, fashion, mtvma, presenting, red carpet, videos
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