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Jun 3rd
06:48 pm
New Charlie St. Cloud Facebook Clip  

Mood: cheerfulcheerful
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Beejeezbee on June 4th, 2010 08:28 am (UTC)
2nd try... now much shorter though.

It only works for me under the assumption that there will be other TV spots following highlighting different aspects of the movie and character.

30-45 seconds is just really short to get the plot across, esp in a drama (even a saccharine one) which can't focus just on a couple jokes or stuff blowing up while the plot/characters linger only in the background. And trying to put pensive/happy/etc all in one short spot rarely works imo. It just dilutes everything and potentially confuses people because there is so little time. Plus, they will shortly be bored by it (playing similar spots who try to show all facets of the character for the next 2 months).

If they follow through with several spots which together tell a bit a story (my guess would be on the next one about the brother relationship and the one after about his romance with Tess), I think it could work as long as you don't put people off by earlier spots and being slightly boring/passive is no showstopper. So everyone can have that clip which appeals to them the most.

Starting off by showing the character as pensive and a bit broody isn't a bad thing imo. It's almost like, 'hey, looks he's nothing like the high school jock he typically plays'

I get your point about falling flat though. This spot is not perfect and Charlie being a bit more active/doing something while being depressed would probably improve it.

As for ONTD ~ A provocative preemptive comment about the James Dean line might help focus their hate onto the teenage girls and not Zac; but yeah they likely will go for the jugular on that one.

Re the boring bit - I believe the movie still has too little awareness for most people to check the clip out unless they already have a bit an interest or only want to trash it anyway. I just think that there is a reasonably part of people (on ONTD and otherwise) who dislikes this type of movie in general, Zac or not Zac, Sparks or not. And Zac being in it, is like an invite for the haters to come out.

But in case that is the only/main spot, I'm fully with you. This would be a total misrepresentation and underselling the movie.