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Zac being honored at the Maui Film Festival

From E! Online (Marc Malkin):
Congrats, Zac Efron!

It's just been announced that Mr. Zac will receive the Shining Star Award at next month's Maui Film Festival. Previous recipients include Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Biel.

Efron, who will next be seen in the romantic drama Charlie St. Cloud, will be honored during opening night festivities on June 16th at the Celestial Cinema.

And guess who's gonna be there when it all goes down? Me! I'll be conducting a Q&A that night with Efron and will be reporting back to you throughout the festival. So if you aren't already, it's time to start following me on Twitter and Facebook!

Also, from Twitter it sounds like Zac is at the Lakers game, so maybe pics later!

ETA from IndieWire:

The Shining Star Award honors “a film artist, still in the ascendance of their career—with many magnetic performances both behind and ahead of them—whose very presence on screen guarantees as much light as heat.”

“We are thrilled to honor Zac Efron with the 2010 Maui Film Festival Shining Star Award, especially on Opening Night at the Celestial Cinema, in the first year of the festival’s second decade,” said Barry Rivers in a statement. “With this year’s mantra ‘Trust the Future,’ considered, Zac, an actor with abundant talent, an extraordinary career behind him and an even more brilliant one ahead of him, is an exemplary shining star.”
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