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Project Updates: Charlie St. Cloud, Time-Travel Pic, Snabba Cash

Charlie St. Cloud

First off, a twifan in Vancouver has been twittering about Twilight reshoots and twittered the following:

So, if she's right, Zac may be heading to Vancouver soon to do some reshoots for Charlie St. Cloud.

Now would maybe be a good time to tell Universal Studios: I hope you all didn't keep the Fallujah reference which does not quite work right in the timeline, not the way you want it to anyway. Just sayin'. Also hope you ditched the Franco reference but w/e, that is less bothersome.

Algorithm/Time-Travel Pic

This project has been added to imdb as Einstein Theory.

Snabba Cash

Just wanted to update a few details.

From ScreenDaily, Michael Hjorth, exec producer of the original and now the remake, said:
“Warner Bros wants it to be realised on a major budget, with a production start within the next two years.”

Also producer Fredrik Wikström said:
"[Efron] is perfect for the part, and he seemed very committed to the assignment."

From, Wikström said (rough translation via Google):
"I was a bit skeptical of Zac from the start, given what he has been in the past, as High School Musical movies. But after meeting him, I am completely convinced. He's very good. It becomes something other than Joel (Kinnaman), but it is really good. Zac is very involved in the substance and has long tried to get away from the sweet and looked a bit darker roles. He has been offered a lot of action but this is what he wants to do...

"There is a large budget. I do not want to say numbers, but Warner is investing in this and want to make an American big budget film."

From, Wikström said (rough translation via Google):
"Zac Efron has seen the Swedish film many times and is a big fan. He is very dedicated and says that this is the role he has dreamed about...

"We start writing on the American script in the fall soon and we hope to get the right director."
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