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Oh hai, new layout!

Layout Details :D

I have tested my layout on Mac in Firefox (what I use predominantly), Chrome and Safari as well as on Windows in IE8.

It should work in these programs with no major errors or layout fail. However, if you find something gross and/or wonky, please screencap it and upload it to tinypic and send me a link (with your OS and browser details) and I'll try to fix it.

Size-wise… I designed it for a viewable size of 1200 wide by 700-800 tall. But the main body of the entries will fit in 800x600 screens.

There is now a drop-down box for the tags and calendar to the right of the main entry section. It does exist outside the 800x600 size, but you should be able to scroll to it easily.

FWIW, pictures will be limited to 700px wide in the entry (I will link to HQs when needed) and I think 400px in comments.

I have tried to make the fonts as pretty as I can given the annoyingly system specific font restrictions. I have however also implemented two free fonts that anyone can download and install if you want to get as close to what I'm seeing as is possible. The first is F25 Executive and the second is Jesaya.

I have had some of my irl friends as well as some people on lj check it out and they feel it is easy enough to read/navigate, but if you have problems, let me know.

One thing that is kind of up for discussion is whether you guys prefer the entry page (where the full entry is displayed along with all the comments) to be left in the style of the journal or if it should be the generic comment page (like you would see on ONTD). Comment with your thoughts on that.

Also credit to s2flexisquares for their tutorials I used and also to Raindrop Memory's icon set which I modded.

For a long time, basically ever since people started coming here to read stuff, I've been meaning to update my layout and I finally did, lol. So I hope you guys like it!

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