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Some of the MAOW Extras

I had a hard time deciding what of the Me and Orson Welles extras to post to youtube because I don't want to hurt dvd sales. This isn't like 17 Again, the dvd sales for MAOW are more important. At the same time, it's unlike 17 Again but in the sense that I know many people never had a chance to see it and many will have a hard time getting the dvd. So I compromised and am going to post basically the Zac parts to youtube. We all have to thank kylijah so much for getting these to me since here in the US we are deprived still :'(

The first video has the 'Making of' featurette and the deleted scenes that feature Zac:

The second is the Q&A from the Gate screening of the film. I edited it down to the Zac relevant parts:

eta: i forgot i have a gif

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