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News Roundup - Two old pics+random people say stuff about Zac

jeezbee notice this pic on Adam's production company FB:

Also Lucas has a new website and he has posted some awesome pics. There is one of Zac from HSM2:

Jess pointed out this video, Steve Carrell wants Zac Efron to play Steve Carrell:

Ramona Braganza discusses training with Zac for Charlie St. Cloud
Betty Confidential

Ramona trained Zac Efron for his upcoming sailing film, The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud, where the actor goes from trim high school hot shot to buff hunk. “With Zac it’s not just about looking hot for a scene. He’s very athletic and likes to try new sports all the time. Instead of just sailing in the movie, he went out sailing with friends constantly. It became a part of his day. He trained hard every day with weights to bulk up. His workout schedule was six days a week and he never stopped, plus he had fun going sailing with his friends.”

Lori Loughlin talks Zac
National Ledger

"Isn't it amazing? When I met Zac, he was just 14 years old, a sweet kid with a gap between his teeth," Loughlin recalls. "I have to say, an old friend of mine, publicist Jeff Ballard, met Zac and immediately said, 'That kid is going to be a huge star.' I said, 'How do you know it?' And he said, 'I just know it.' He's got a really good eye. The only other one he ever said that about was Johnny Depp."

Billie Piper turned down a role in a Zac film?

She said: "I do get a lot of scripts from America but I've been so spoilt over here with the roles that I've had, these substantial, meaty, well-rounded parts and sometimes I'm reading these scripts and I'm just like, it's to play Zac Efron's girlfriend."

Billie added: "I like Zac Efron. I think he's completely gorgeous. But I'd only have like four scenes. I don't know, I think it's going to take me to really go for it and build it up (to make a name for herself in the US)."

I don't know for sure what role she means or if it is legit, but there you go.
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