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Apr 7th
07:55 pm
Delayed but Awesome Zac at the St. Jude Gala Post  
Sorry this is so late. Of course the day there are a ton of pics to post, I have meetings and class all day. :(

Oh well. To make it up to you, I have made a post with I think every pic from this event. Most are available in HQ even... just click on them if you want a supersized view of Zac Efron's eyes/weird bangs/mythological eyebrows/etc, lol.



On Stage


Press Area

sources: many and varied

p.s. livejournal and scrapbook are being annoying so some pics may be slow to load or missing.
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Kiwi (:: HSM3dontcatchme3 on April 9th, 2010 03:34 am (UTC)
So darn great! Thanks for these :) Precious.
Vanessa looks darling and Zac looks like... well, Zac. All scruffy handsomeness. lol.
I love the pic (just like about everyone else here) of the little kid. The first one. Zac'll make such a great padre! :D
Summing it up, I love every one. I also think it's cool that they got to meet up with Mo! (WHENNNNN are they gonna do a reunion?? We need that!!)