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Charlie St. Cloud: Boat stuff!

Thanks to Matt's afternoon research for this post. He found some great stuff.

A great pic of the Querencia in Anacortes, WA. I'm not sure if that's its home port or if it was en route to somewhere else.

And some details about wave special effects...

From the Ocean Innovations site:

Portable Wave Generator - Film Shoot "Charlie St. Cloud"

Completion Date: Fall 2009
Project Description: Completed in the Fall of 2009. Ocean Innovations was hired by Universal Studios to provide special effects for a major motion picture staring [sic] Zac Efron, Amanda Crew, & Kim Bassinger [sic], being filmed in Vancouver, B.C, scheduled for release in 2010. Zircon FX Special Effects Studios needed a Portable Wave Generator (The WaveMaster™) “Right Away” for a specialized shoot simulating the reproduction of a very specific rogue wave. The project was a total success and everyone was very excited and pleased with the performance of The WaveMaster™ Portable Wave Generator.

Bonus Zac... I want to see the pic in his hand:

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