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Charlie St. Cloud Fansites and New Stills

So jeezbee and I have been working on making a fansite for Charlie St. Cloud. We have a more formal version at that will be news, pics, video, etc.

We've also made a lj community charliestcloud. I think for now we will leave it that jeezbee and I will post news but we welcome icon and art submissions. I haven't had a chance to make up rules or posting guidelines for the comm yet. But soon!

We've also started a fan twitter,, for people to follow updates there.

Of course, I am still posting all the Zac Efron stuff here. Both those sites are meant to be oriented around the film and will cover the other stars of the film and news I might not normally post here because of lack of Zac. LOL.

But hopefully these sites will attract people not familiar with my livejournal (and maybe not as interested in Zac even). Ultimately we want them to be a helpful addition to Universal's marketing strategy for Charlie St. Cloud.

To celebrate the opening of these fansites, jeezbee found some more new stills from that unit photog's site.

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