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I've decided that this is his Spider-Man jump

Can't you just tell he's prepping his web-shooters?

I bring it up because Stan Lee, creator of Spider-Man, said this to the Washington Post Comic Riffs blog when asked whom he would cast in the reboot:

"I don't know enough young actors," he acknowledges. "I'm not up on them. I did see Zac Efron on the Oscars show -- he'd definitely be fine."

If I were comic book nerd/Spider-Man fan Zef, I'd be doing Spider-Man jumps for joy all over the place.

Of course, none of this means he'd actually be cast. And I'm still not convinced it is even a good idea, having no idea what the script is like nor the director's vision for it. Maybe most importantly is whether it would involve going back to high school which is, at this point, a step back.

But no matter what, it's pretty cool that Stan Lee called out Mr. 'It would be a dream come true to be Spider-Man' Efron.

I'm posting this just cause the colors are kind of right and if you tilt your head a bit and squint just soooooo... you can maybe see an unmasked Spider-Man, lol:

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