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StupidCancer/i2y Contest

Here's your chance to pull a Zac Efron and give cancer the bird.

Zac has been wearing the I'm Too Young For This Cancer Foundation wristband to support his cousin Emily, a young adult cancer survivor. All of us know people who have battled cancer. The truth is that everyone who is a cancer survivor is too young no matter how old they are. But survivors who are diagnosed as young adults face a unique set of challenges and i2y is there to help them connect to the support they need... emotional, physical and financial. And this is your chance to help this wonderful organization.

i2y has put together a contest that asks you and your friends to follow Zac's lead. All you have to do is get together a bunch of people wearing the wristband and take a pic. Then follow the contest FB page and the stupidcancer twitter and submit your pic and details to them via twitter. The three people who get the largest groups together each win an iTunes gift card. For full details on rules and prizes, check out the contest page at

To purchase wristbands, click here. You can also donate money directly to the foundation via this page. 100% of the proceeds go to the i2y Foundation and their goal of supporting young adult cancer survivors. Plus by wearing the wristband you, like Zac, can bring awareness to this important cause and tell stupid cancer exactly what you think of it.
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