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I think my brain might explode this weekend!

Schedule of events (that I care about):

Friday, July 11th
7:15pm: Radio Disney premiere of "Now or Never" featuring Zaccy

Sunday, July 13th
7:55pm: Disney Channel First Look @ HSM3 with Zac and Vanessa
8:00pm: ABC Family First Look @ HSM3 with Ashley (during Picture This)

Monday, July 14th
Trailer (and more?) online

OMG! And another tv preview, this time from ET (possibly with more tomorrow):

Zac has really grown up so much from the first and second films... it is really striking, even in just the previews.

Oh and Ashley had a some things to say to AH about the last day of filming:

“We went into the last day thinking, ‘It’ll all be fine ’cause we’re all really good friends and we’re so close,’” Tisdale recounted. “It wasn’t even the last scene — we couldn’t even get through it. We were crying and just so emotional over the whole thing.”

“We’re so attached to each other,” Tisdale explained “We’ve had such fun doing these movies…. It’s like working with your best friends all the time. It’s definitely something that’s tough to leave and say goodbye to.”

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