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Hairspray 2 is not going to happen

Someone mentioned to me that Adam had twittered recently to somebody about Hairspray 2.

Well we weren't content with how vague that sounded so jeezbee twittered at Adam and he responded, though with news that will disappoint some.

I think in some ways the writing was on the wall for this. Sequels are risky, musicals are risky. The project had a lot of heat at the beginning but that was dwindling. Plus the more time passed, the less likely it was that Zac would come back. And, while I know he made many friends among the cast and probably felt an intense loyalty to them and to his experience, I think it was always going to be an issue that doing another musical might just not work for him at this point in his career as he tries to establish himself in other genres and with other (male) audiences. It sucks that musicals aren't as loved and respected by as a wide an audience as they used to be, but that's the way it is. Hopefully eventually things will be different. Because I'd love to see Zac in another musical someday.

I know there will be a mixed reaction to this news. So right up front I'm going to say it, if you comment negatively (outwardly or even passive-aggressively) about Hairspray or anyone involved... I will be a very sad and very angry panda. Move along somewhere else if you want to celebrate this.

This is a good opportunity, in fact, to say this goes for anything or anyone you don't like, including Vanessa. It pains me when people shit on something they know someone else here cares very deeply about. And you know what's worse? Zac cares about these things. You are attacking something or someone Zac cares about. You don't have to like the topic, but in the spirit of community and of respecting your fellow commenters and Zac, please don't do it here.
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