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Feb 20th
03:22 pm
"But he smiled all the way through it..."  

I don't want to spend too much time on this because we've really moved on to other things, so just a few words...

Basically I was frustrated that the event planners seemingly did not do a sufficient job preparing for even the most likely problems and the mishandling of media coverage didn't help either.

It probably shouldn't have bothered me as much as it did. Maybe it was just because it seemed like a few small preventative steps could have averted the drama and left everyone more satisfied, things like having real crowd control, a weather contingency plan, and better setting up what Zac was doing there, i.e. no he's not there to learn to surf (duh, he already knows) and no he's not there to surf for the cameras (which the pros didn't do either as far as I know)... he's there to help out.

It was unfortunate that some people were rather disappointed and frazzled by the whole thing, in particular Annette Sharp. And that because Zac is the name, no matter what good intentions he came into the event with, he is the one on whom all the blame was transferred... unfairly.

Of course, in a situation like this the negative stuff tends to come first and then the good responses trickle through later. That is what has made me feel better about it over time. Finally some of what was really happening and how crazy it was came out. In particular, this radio interview came up...

So that was just really lovely to hear. Typical that he'd make the best of it. I am determined to do the same, lol. Anyway... that added some perspective and I appreciated it. Also, if you want to see Peter Harvey's original report (in which his pants went nuts) click here.

In another interview, Hamish and Andy talk to Layne Beachley about the crazy event:

Source: Twitter and FB (some via ZF)

Also there is a story about the event from one of the participants here.

FYI: I posted the Bondi interviews and other video with additional event pics from the restaurant here.
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It's Audrey not Aubreyaudrey_za on February 21st, 2010 01:51 am (UTC)
I didn't know/hear until I saw this post that things were hectic/crazy or that Zac was being blamed for/by disappointed event goers. I get it, he's the 'big name' there, so blame will easily be pushed to his corner, but I hope the event was at least able to raise awareness (or funding- if that was the mission at hand) for the One Sight foundation.

I scrolled down to that photo of him holding out the dvd and kind of leaned back from the screen like 'Get that yoga dvd out of my face, Zachary'.
hunny miss (aka lets fead him to the gators)ehs_wildcats on February 21st, 2010 03:17 am (UTC)
like tbh, part of my concern was that i wasn't sure how far it would go and i'm glad that it didn't get worse than that. but at the time it did get me down for a bit :( i really try not to get wrapped up in that stuff because i can't control it of course, but knowing that one major reporter there saw the truth of the situation was a definite relief to me.