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Zac lands in Sydney

Vanessa was with him, though is not pictured.

Some of the less lulzy things written by the source:

Effron [sic] who was dressed in a relaxed flannelette shirt and pants, was shocked by Sydney's dismal rainy weather.

After the long flight from Los Angeles, Effron[sic] was also keen to stay incognito refusing to remove his glasses.

Jet lagged or not the tween pinup's trademark hair was perfectly coiffed and the 22-year-old happily flashed his Hollywood smile.

I still haven't seen anything else about the Learn to Surf event, but Oakley is hosting the Surfing Life Big Wave Awards at the Bondi Open Air Cinema on February 17th. So perhaps the event is in conjunction with that and maybe he'll stick around for that also. I would, some of the pics of these big waves are gorgeous. My favorite:

I'll add more pics if/when someone posts them :)
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