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Zac heading to Sydney for charity surfing event?

From Sunday Telegraph:

Zac splashes down

TWEEN dream actor Zac Efron flies into town tomorrow to participate in a very special event for surfing brand Oakley.

Efron will participate in Oakley's Learn To Ride surf session at Bondi Beach on Tuesday. The Learn to Ride session will involve some other celebrities, including Layne Beachley, Maude Garrett, Nikki Phillips, James Tobin, Lauryn Eagle and world top 10 surfer Tom Whitaker.

It is part of a charitable drive for The OneSight Foundation, which helps people in developing countries to have access to free eye care. The surfing event is expected to raise the temperature in Bondi - especially among young girls.

I'm way less skeptical of this than of some other rumored events (ie that Vegas film premiere) but I have yet to find confirmation of this on any other site, including Oakley's event site and The OneSight Foundation page. So idk... we'll see :)
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