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Two of my favorite things, together again

Ikea and Zac. The pic is fan stalkerazzi so I'm putting it under a cut.

From Chimies:

Also lol, the girl who took the picture I guess was twittering about them and how paranoid they seemed that people would notice them but that "NO 1 approached them or noticed them" (except for her creepstery ass and all the other people who twittered about them being at my favorite store ever). I hope they enjoyed some Swedish Meatballs, potatoes and lingonberry sauce in the Cafe :D YUM!

Earlier in the day he and Vanessa were also at Creative Recreation, whose shoes Zac has worn:

In other news, from NY Daily News: Star [Magazine] says that Disney golden boy Zac Efron, 22, recently paid off the mortgages on his parents homes in California. "Zac is very close to his family and he wanted to do something extravagant for them," says a source. "He knew they wouldn't take money, so he arranged to do this instead."
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