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Z and V make like a bird and fly away

The plane is Disney's, btw. It is registered to Earth Star Inc which is a subsidiary of Disney that provides travel services for Disney. It's tail is N400ES and it is a Canadair CL-600-2B16 Challenger 604. The plane can travel about 3800 miles before refueling (so Honolulu is within one-hop range but not Cairns). Yes, the internet is a scarily efficient tool. :)

For those concerned about the environmental consequences of private jets, while I can't confirm it, I understand from Disney's environmental report that they are very concerned about their impact on the environment. They are currently analyzing carbon emissions and I would guess will decide, if they haven't already, to purchase carbon offsets. Many 'green' companies do this for their corporate travel. While it certainly isn't a perfect solution, it is better than nothing. And let's face it, if Z and V are going anywhere across an ocean, they cannot use the most efficient methods of mechanical transport (car or train) and I'm not surprised they want some privacy.

I like the first pic cause it looks like Z is thanking the driver, sweet guy that he is. I didn't post V pics cause they really aren't much to look at since she hid her face and is mostly blocked by people. Go to JJ if you want to see those.

Source: JJ
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