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Jan 7th
01:41 pm
Zac driving around  
GG say he looks cheerful. Not trying to rain on their parade but I say he looks like a (HOT ASS) person driving. IDK. :/

They also say it is his new A5... idk about that either.

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Mood: boredbored
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poppyj on January 7th, 2010 08:50 pm (UTC)
My bf has that car, it's amazing. He doesn't let me drive it much though, mores the pity.

It could be Zac's new car, though he did just get the new S6 model. It could also have been lent to him by Audi as they do that a lot. Lauren Conrad once got loaned an R8 to drive for a bit. Time will tell I guess. He does love his Audi's though lol.